About Philippe

Philippe and his wife, Regula, Swiss and US citizens, currently live in Utah, USA. Prior to moving to the USA they lived in Switzerland, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Argentina, and Ghana. In 2015 they were appointed Ewe Kente Ambassadors for the Agotime Traditional Area in the Volta Region of Ghana, where they are known as Nene Dunenyo I and Manye Zevideka I respectively. Their passion for Ghana and its traditions has lead to the publishing of several photo-documentaries such as: Ghana Everyday Life; Unveiling the Volta Region of Ghana (co-authored with Togbe Afede XIV); Amufest (co-authored with Osie Adza Tekpor VII); Agotime Kente Festival (co-authored with their daughter Michele K. Morford); 2015 Asogli State Yam Festival; The Kente Store; Ghanaian Recycled Glass Beads, and The Art of Recycled Glass Beads (co-authored with Nomoda E. Djaba).

Philippe J. Kradolfer
IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

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